Sellers – it’s time to Upgrade

Selling After Decades of Owning

Some common seller issues become more difficult simply because of how long a first-time seller has lived in a home. Decluttering, for example, can be hard enough for someone who’s been in their home only five years. Imagine how challenging it is for sellers who have lived in a home for their entire adult life.

It’s not just emotional resistance they’re experiencing. First-timers may simply not be aware of how clearing out personal items improves the odds of a sale. We recommend that sellers who have never dramatically decluttered their homes before should do it in stages, clearing one room at a time. Slowing down the pace can ease the mental and emotional pressure involved in getting rid of personal items and once sellers see the results in one room, it can encourage them to continue working on the rest of the house.

With the current vibrant market, it’s easy to upgrade into a Newer Home. With Newer plumbing, new neighborhood, bigger backyard for the kids and your dogs, Sellers can capitalize on the equity build over time. You’ll be surprise that moving into a newer, bigger home will only add a few dollars on your current mortgage.

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