Do you have an IRA or an Old 401K from your previous employer?

Do you know you can invest in Real Estate ?

Self Directed IRA give account holders more freedom, flexibility and choice of how to invest their hard-saved dollars. They can expand and diversify their investment opportunities beyond stock market.

While single-family houses are the most popular type of property purchased by Real Estate IRAs, other types are available from vacant land to commercial buildings, condos, mobile homes and apartment buildings.

How to get started.

We partner with The Entrust Group, who is a leader in the industry and has been in the business for 35 years. They process between 12,000-16,000 client transactions every month. They managed almost 3 Billion in investor assets.

We provide you a brief scenario how the process works.
While The Entrust Group will answer all other questions you may still have.

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