For Sale By Owner

We appreciate and respect you wishing to sell your house yourself to save on the fees.  We can assist you in a number of ways, as we work a little differently from your average agent.

You’re probably wondering why we would want to help you. Fair question.

  1. Helping you allows us to potentially help one of our clients get into a home. You only pay us our standard buyer side fee, should one of our buyers actually purchase your home, saving significantly on the listing commission. If we don’t have a matching buyer, then this service doesn’t cost you a penny. How do we do this? We stop by your home, take photos, have you highlight the selling features of your home, and get this information out to our buyer pool. If we have a buyer with an interest in your home, we setup a convenient time with you for our client to view your home, and if they wish to move forward, we present you with an offer for purchase..
  2. While helping you, we may have the opportunity to help those buyers for whom your house isn’t a good fit by finding them a home that is right for them and in the process getting paid for our services..
  3. Should you later decide that selling the house yourself no longer makes sense,we can definitely help you Sell your house.

Call us and we are ready to take the stress out of selling – 405-305-6882